Dividing Plate

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Dividing Plate

Dividing Plate

Ref: AMA-AC-200-1096TD

This is the optional accessory used for 6" , 8" 10" and 12" horizontal , vertical and tilting rotary tables.

There are 4 mounting holes on the each side of plate.

The whole package includes two dividing plates, A and B plates, crank handle sets, screws, sectors, and washers. The two dividing plates, A and B, have the corresponding number of holes as in the table below. Any number from 2-66 and 68-132 which is divisible by 2,3,and 5 can be divided evenly.

The number of holes on two dividing plates:



OD of plate : 5-1/8"

The diameter of the center hole in the handle: 0.472"

The diameter of the center hole on the dividing plate : 1.496"

The width of groove in the handle : 0.551"

The length of groove in the handle: 1.653"



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