High Precision 8

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High Precision 8" Rotary Table Horizontal

High Precision 8

Ref: AMA-AC-200-1078TD

This is a high quality 8" Horizontal Rotary Table for work that requires a high degree of accuracy and precision.


Extra deep coolant channel
Dual positive action locks
Gear ratio 90:1
Graduated 360degrees
Low profile
Satin chrome dials
Gear drive immersed in oil
10 second vernier reading
Optional dividing plates and tailstock
Specification - Maximum Variation (inces/second):

Clamping surface flatness - 0.0006"
Cylindrical central bore concentricity - 0.0008"
Taper centre bore concentricity - 0.0008"
Surface to base parallelism - 0.0008"
Surface to angle face squareness - 0.0004"
Surface to centre slot squareness - 0.0008"



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