NEW Syil X5plus 'Combo' CNC Milling Machine with 4th Axis & Integral Computer

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NEW Syil X5plus 'Combo' CNC Milling Machine with 4th Axis & Integral Computer

Ref: 3764996654

NEW 'Combo' Syil X5+ CNC Milling Machine with enclosure and computer included.

Contact me for details on 0208 558 4615 (10-4pm) or by email at

We are able to ship to most parts of Europe - please email us for a quotation.

Our latest consignment has the latest models with up to date, reliable electronics and Delta vfd motor control

Each machine includes a 4th axis and full manual control in the price and VAT is included too.

Please note that we are now able to offer a full commissioning service, training on Mach3 and other software, as well as use of the machine together with a full after-sales service.

*****The 'combo' is a complete set-up including computer with Mach3 installed ***** The Mach3 licence for full functionality of the programme may be purchased from Syil.UK if required.

Syil machines are now installed in several University engineering departments, Ministry of Defence research establishments (contractors to) as well as by many home hobbyists and, of course, light industrial units

The list of features, all in the price, is impressive - 3 axis linear rails, 4th axis included with rotary table and tailstock, 5000rpm spindle speed, full mpg manual control with hand held pendant as well as touchpad control, automatic lubrication system and more.....................................

-3.1 Inch single blue LCD display screen
-showing spindle speed and direction
-and movement size
-panel focused on manual control system
-cooling and spindle control
-522 X 160mm Size of table
-5000rpm/min High Speed Precision Spindle
-220V single-phase AC power supply
-MT3/SK30 metric or R8 imperial spindle
-1 x 120mm pre-installed high-speed
-cooling fan
-high quality casting materials,
-compact structure
-OEM PMI double nut ballscrews
-Hiwin precision linear guideways
-safety of high-quality electrical
-components and fast plug
-manual lubrication system pre-installed
-to protect the rail life
-pre-installed fourth axis interface
-MPG handwheel controller pre-installed
-pre-installed computer arm
-CE and CCC safety certification


Overall Dimensions(L x W x H)

Packing dimensions
Table size

T Slot Dimensions
Axis travel

Spindle speed
Spindle drive power
Spinble taper
Input voltage
Cutter dia
Motor torque


Linear guideway

- 1250mm x 1450mm x 1950mm

-1350mm x 1500mm x 2000m
- 522mm x 160mm
- 12mm
- 350~450kg
- X axis: 300mm
- Y axis: 160mm
- Z axis: 270mm
- 200~5000rpm/min
- 1.1kw
- R8
-220v/240v/120v AC
- 4~16mm
- X axis motor: 3.5Nm
- Y axis motor: 3.5Nm
- Z axis motor: 3.5Nm
- double nut ballscrews P5 class PMI OEM
- HIWIN OEM high precision linear
- standard 25pin parallel port
- standard 15pin parallel port

Price: 11,114.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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