Syil X4 plus CNC w/ 4th Axis

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Syil X4 plus CNC w/ 4th Axis

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- All new design
- The X, Y, and Z axis's are all updated with ball screws, including two screw nuts, plane bearing and couplers, providing very high localization accuracy
- The Z axis stepper motor has a direct link to the Z ball screw with a coupler. This installation has better accuracy than other conversion plans
- All stepper mounts and balls screw mounts are constructed from steel
- The X and Y axis steppers are fitted with a protective shell to protect against cutting debris. The Z axis stepper is protected by its installation in the base of the machine
- The limit/origin sensors on each axis are photo-couplers and provide a higher sensitivity and accuracy than traditional mechanical switches
- Dual 300W power supplies provide more than enough power to drive through the hardest work
- Movement subdivisions up to 100 provide performance close to servo based systems.
- The power supplies, and NC control systems are integrated to the back shell, reducing the total machine size.
- On board touch screen control, or full computer control through a parallel interface with a pc
- A powerful cooling fan keeps internal electronics from overheating
- Installed 3D bracket tray can be localized at any height, or position it can reach, and has a 360° turning radius. Good for a PC or tool storage.

Please note Stand, Computer and Coolant are not included but available extras


Table longitudinal travel 280mm plus (owners have claimed up to 380mm achievable by repositioning limit switches)
Table Cross Travel: 160 mm
Max distance spindle to table: 380mm
Face mill capacity: 50mm
End mill capacity: 16mm
Drill capacity: 25mm
Table effective size: 550 x 160 mm
Spindle taper: R8
T-slot size: 12mm
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 760 mm x 720 mm x 930 mm
Driving System: Digital Stepper motor; precision ball screw
Lubrication and Cooling System: Minimal quantity lubrication, electronically adjustable dispensing
Machining Spindle: 1 kW high-frequency spindle,100 - 5000 rp rpm
Control System: Mach3
Feed Rate and Positioning Feed: X:1500m m/min Y:1500m m/min
Weight Approx.: 350KG

The following postcodes would be charged extra: IV, KW1-14, PA34, PA37-39, PH19-40, PH41 Sector 4 & PH49-50. Please contact us for further information.

*Please note that the images and specifications stated may only be used as a guide. Actual products may vary.

Price: 7,200.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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