5M365 Gates Polyflex Belt

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5M365 Gates Polyflex Belt

Ref: AMA-SP-5M365

Top width: 5mm
Outside length: 365mm
Smooth type.

A belt made with Polyurethane compound whcih offers high fatigue and wear resistance and a high friction coefficient. It also improves adhesion to the tensile cords.
Polyurethane is extremely resistant to heat, chemicals and oil.
Uniformity throughout Polyflex® is ensured because the polyurethane compound is not layered but cast as a single unit after the positioning of the tensile cords in the mould.
Ribbed top provides lateral rigidity without increasing bending stresses. The ribs also help to keep Polyflex® belts running cool.
60° angle results in better support of the tensile section, and provides a more even load distribution.

Design freedom and space savings which are not possible with
conventional rubber construction belts.
Low maintenance cost as belt needs less re-tensioning.
Long belt life on compact drives.

Firts the AMA180 and AMA210

Price: 12.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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