Amadeal VM25LV R8 with Belt Drive &  Brushless Motor

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Amadeal VM25LV R8 with Belt Drive & Brushless Motor


The Amadeal Ltd. AMAVM25LV mill +++ We are consistently cheaper when compared to other UK suppliers +++

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Absolutely brand new and unused. Direct from manufacturer and fully guaranteed. Available now and ideal for the professional engineer or amateur model maker alike.

A full range of spares for this machine is available and plenty of accessories are stocked.

Compact, accurate, economical vertical drilling/milling machine.
1.1kW Brushless Motor.
Variable speed enables simple operation.
Spindle is supported by high precision taper roller bearing.
Mill head may be tilted ±90°.
Precision manual fine down feed.
Adjustable taper gibs.
Positive locks for table ,head, quill,column.
Easy reading scale has satin chrome finish.
Bigger table provides greater capacity.
Dovetail column.
Easy to raise and lower head by handwheel.
Tolerance test certificate and test flow chart included.

Model No: AMAVM25LV (R8)
Max. drilling capacity: 20mm
Max. end milling capacity: 16mm
Max. face milling capacity: 63mm
Table size: 700×180mm
T-slot size : 12mm
Cross travel: 175mm
Longitudinal travel: 480mm
Vertical travel: 275mm
Distance from spindle nose to table: 320 mm
Maximum Height of machine: 94mm/37inches
Taper of spindle bore: R8
Spindle stroke: 50mm
Range of spindle speeds: 50~2250rpm
Headstock tilt left & right: ±90°
Motor: 1.1kW
Packing size: 700 x 760 x 930mm
Net weight/Gross weight: 120kg/140kg

Drill chuck
Toolbox & tools
Digital depth ruler
Speed counter

Price: 1,354.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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