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Mach 4 Licence

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Refund Policy
NB We have a 'no refunds' policy on this item as it is software with a unique licence number for each licence purchased.

Mach4 is software that operates on a personal computer to create a powerful and cost efficient CNC controller. It makes up one small piece of a computer numerical control (CNC) machine. Machines can range from basic mills and lathes to wood routers, plasma cutters, multi axis machining centers, quilting machines, anything requiring motion control. The system is capable of interpreting multiple programming languages, the default and most common being G code, to provide instructions for machine movement and other functions. These instructions are passed to an external motion device which in turn controls all the inputs and output signals and motion. Mach4 is designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of machines. Part of this flexibility is the ability for hardware and software developers to create addons or plugins for Mach4 to expand its capabilities. Addons are small programs installed into the Mach4 directory that give Mach the ability to talk to hardware devices such as motion controllers and pendants, communicate with other software, add additional wizards or conversational machining functions, or anything a developer can dream up. Addons to Mach4 are so diverse it would be impossible to cover them in this manual. The developer should provide detailed information on the installation, configuration and use of their addon or plugin.

We are authorised by Artsoft the developers of Mach3 to be resellers of the licence.
Each licence sold comes with a unique licence number with which you can gain product support and free upgrades directly from Artsoft

We strongly recommend that if you are not already acquainted with Mach4 that you download the full free demo version before purchasing the licence. The demo allows limited functionality but should be sufficient to help you decide whether to go for the licence.We will endeavour to email the file with licence to any buyer within 24 hours of purchase. Contact us if you would like a copy of the demo emailed to you free of charge.
Please also note that the full demo version (with 500 line limit) is downloadable free of charge directly from the Artsoft website if you would prefer to try it out first before purchasing the licence.

From Mach3 to Mach4

Mach4 is completely new! We cannot stress this enough: Mach4 is not an upgrade for Mach3. It is faster, more responsive, and provides a platform for expansion, modification, and new features. The changes requested by many Mach3 users were simply not able to be completed because of limitations in the Mach3 code. Mach4 is our response to the limitations and requested changes for Mach3.

After you have installed Mach4, you can find a configuration and a gcode manual in the directory where you installed Mach4. The normal location is C:\Mach4Hobby\Docs\.

Hardware plugins (drivers) are created and supplied by the hardware manufacturer. Mach3 drivers and code are Not compatible with Mach4. Make sure the devices you will use have plugins available for Mach4.

Licensing Instructions

Install the Demo on the Actual Machine it will be used
Run the demo and go to the Help/about screen in Mach4
Use the PC ID code from the Help/About screen at checkout to license this single computer. Additional licenses can be created after the initial purchase from within your account.
The license is linked to a specific PC, requiring a different code for each PC. Use the ‘About’ screen, accessed by the ‘Help’ menu to get the PC code. You must have this exact PC code from the actual PC you wish to license and generate G-code. To obtain your license key, Click the ‘copy ID to Clipboard’ button in the ‘about’ dialog box when running the software in demo mode and paste this ID number in the appropriate location on the website when purchasing your license.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The LICENSE will only work for the Computer for which you supplied the PC ID. Each PC has a unique ID code and the license works in coordination with this code.
If you upgrade or exchange your PC, it will be necessary to contact the distributor you purchased the license or create a new license yourself by logging into your account and using our website license maintenance feature.

Price: 174.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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